So, when we went to check on the bees this afternoon after work, there were no bees in the hive. Sark was really upset, and we checked online to see if we could still order replacements, but no luck. We had to take a trip out to my mom’s house, and when we got back, Sark went to see if maybe they had just moved into the roof of the hive, since we hadn’t taken that off, just looked in through the window. No bees.

So I suggested we go take a look at the lilac bushes out front, which are the closest cluster of flowers. So we crossed the yard and poked around- no such luck. Disheartened, we headed back. I went to poke around in the hive, and Sark wandered a little bit away looking around.

Suddenly, bees. [video]

The entire hive had relocated itself into the grass maybe 15 feet from the hive.

A couple thousand bees, in a pile in our front grass, chilling out for the night.

So we went inside and Sark put on his suit and hat and mixed up a sugar water spray, and we grabbed a plastic container and a big spoon, and went back. We opened up a section of the hive, and he proceeded to scoop bees from the grass into the container [video and video], and put them back into the hive. This went on for close to an hour.

The bees were REALLY ANGRY at being moved, but Sark only got stung once (when he accidentally almost crushed one that was on his hand). We returned over half of them back into the hive before it got too dark to continue. We are hoping that we grabbed the queen in the ones we moved, but only time will tell.

Wish us luck!

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  3. alreadyclaimednamefk said: maybe it’s just me being ignorant about beekeeping but what’s the point of wearing a beesuit if you umm arent gonna wear gloves (bees have been a topic around here trying to keep my nephew from killing them when they are in the garden)
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