New litters of mouse babies! REALLY excited because there are at least 4 silky-coat, long-furred, patchy-pattern babies that are not melanistic (the last pic was just one of the patchy-coated non-silkies that I believe will have smooth fur. You can really see the difference with how dull the coat looks in comparison!) so I’m getting closer and closer to what I want!

Unfortunately it’s looking like most (all? I’m on the fence about 1) of them are boys, which is *okay* because it just means replacing my males but I was really hoping to get some girls out of these tanks.

I also have a MAJOR surplus of mouse babies right now… all of my girls dropped at once, and all of them had HUGE litters that all were super healthy… and some of them are so pretty I’m considering taking them down to the local pet store or seeing if Craigslist can take care of it for me.

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