Hello!! I’m Vih, and me and Ellis (musketqueers) are doing a new attempt at helping In The Flesh BBC getting renewed.

We all know how fantastic the show is and our fandom is getting bigger by the second, but BBC3 is being cancelled and, even after the amazing #SaveInTheFlesh campaign that is still bringing new people to this amazing world, they didn’t say anything about renewing it. The proposal is this: we’re going to do a video with reasons why the fandom loves the show and why it should get a season 3. It’s going to have lots of short videos of the fans gathered up in a two minutes videos (maybe three depending on how many people send videos) and we will be posting it on youtube. The video should be of 1 minute or under without music and submitted by August 31st. 

If you wanna help the project, which would be so very awesome of you, we are trying to think of a name for it, so send us some suggestions! We going to make a especial blog for it once we have the name so it can be more organized. Hopefully by next week it would be ready.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading!!


Hey the deadline for this is coming up, and I’m sure they could use more videos! Go forth and help save our show!

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Anonymous asked: Ha, I don't think the sweaters were seen without manipulation, but in some earlier scene with Kieren - the stealing key one - Simon was seen without a sweater. But I think it wasn't necessary, since the point was to free the Undead, not to converse Kieren. I mean, you don't need to be that cunning to ask someone for the cleaning liquid. Also, I can't believe I wrote a serious meta on SWEATERS. What that show does to people. --Z

Ahhhh but the scene where he manipulates Kieren in the GP surgery suite is a scene where he had no intention of trying to do anything to convert Kieren to ULA stuff that day. Before they walked into the suite, they were talking casually… that day was supposed to be for chasing Kieren on a level unrelated to the ULA- and it only changed when he walked into the suite and saw the caged undead, which was unexpected.


FYI, all In the Flesh episodes are available in the US and Mexico (not sure about other countries) on Vudu for a bit less than Amazon and iTunes.

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Simon’s Sweaters.


  1. This isn’t an Ultimate Truth I have discovered and demand you to accept, but an idea I was having and wondering how the others see it, basically, all that follows is IMO.
  2. Sorry to all those who know more about manipulation than I do.
  3. It may be all useless and Simon may have just a really, really questionable taste in clothing. But maybe there’s more! :D

I have wondered about Simon’s lovely set of sweaters - as everyone has, I suppose. Somehow it reminded me of a certain interview with Daniel Radcliffe. It was said there that Harry was seen wearing sweaters during DA’s sessions in OOTP, because it reminded the kids of Lupin - competence and safety. How does that connect to Simon’s sweaters?


We know - I think? - that Simon is (was) a rather effective, uh, Disciple. Follower-Gatherer. Conciously or not, he did manipulate his followers, to some level. In good will, I believe, but I see it as manipulation - same as the Last Supper Guys did to him.

The goal is to make Undead Prophet’s. And help them, all nice, morally more acceptable things, but the main goal of Simon the Disciple is to spread the ideology of the Prophet.

Of course, if you were an Undead and a Disciple approached you asking if you can spare a minute to talk about prophecies, that wouldn’t work great. So before the proper ‘conversion’, the potential ‘believers’ must trust the Disciple, must want - need his approval, and feel the strong bond between themselves and him. The Disciple must have them depend on himself. The Disciple must make himself essential to them.

So how does one do it? Perfect example is the Last Supper Guys. Completely broken Simon comes to them - and they hug him, make him feel accepted, make him feel good and safe. They all smile. There is light all around. They made themselves appear as angels descending from Heavens to comfort the unhappy one. Etc., etc., lot’s of manipulation going on.But not with the words - words aren’t the most important. It’s all about atmosphere, gestures, mimicks.

What does Simon do? He speaks quietly, he touches people (some more than others, hm, hm) and lets himself be touched, he plays the guitar, makes everyone feel cosy and good, relaxed, at ease - ready to listen to Simon about what he really intends to say. So, the sweaters - they’re just an accesory. Something that makes people smile and feel less threatened - I mean, who’d be afraid of anyone wearing a big, fluffy sweater?

I may be wrong, but he wears them only during the Disciplining - in bungalow (‘conversing’ Zoe et co.), on the cemetery (where he came to ‘converse’ Kieren), next to the fence (same). He doesn’t wear sweater when he goes to meet Julian. To Legion. And, when Kieren asks him to go to meet his parents and be normal.

TL;DR: Simon’s sweaters have a deep purpose which is a subtle yet effective manipulation.


Anonymous asked: Sorry, but why would it be so bad if ITF went online instead? They've already built a strong, dedicated fandom that would be willing to support them regardless of where they're airing. Honestly, it sounds like it would just make it easier for those of us who don't have access to it through legal means. They would just need to make sure it can be viewed internationally and I actually think it would be better for the fandom.

Well, I don’t think it going online instead would be necessarily bad. If they can get the same viewership online as they would via TV, then it would be fine. But not everyone has access to computers with internet good enough to stream, and those that do might not think to stream the episodes (compared to casual viewers who may watch ITF as a matter of course, because it’s on before or after something else, or because they had the TV on, or because it’s something they catch “if it’s on” etc) or might not be willing to actively seek out the episodes to view.

Additionally, iPlayer, the online way BBC streams video, cannot be accessed legally outside of the UK. This is unlikely to change, as BBC (as far as I understand it) is funded by a tax of the citizens, and is then provided for the citizens (not the world). We don’t pay them anything and since there are not advertisers for BBC (because it’s publicly funded instead of ad funded), our outside-the-UK viewership means basically diddly-squat and our bandwidth usage actually would cost them more for it.


Anonymous asked: What is the standard procedure for the case of "have spent last 24 watching ITF for the first time and is now literally incapable of thinking of anything else"?



My first advice would be to grab a towel and don’t panic stay calm. I know that life seems scary in this difficult time with season three still unconfirmed but it will be okay. I promise.

I would also suggest the following:

  1. Accept the fact that you will be laughing, crying, and smiling for no reason for the next few weeks. Re-watching will only increase these side effects but it also helps with the withdrawal symptoms of not having more ITF to devour.
  2. See if any of your friends have watched as well. If not, bully them until they do. We all know they’ll thank you later. If they already have, cry on their shoulder. You don’t even have to ask, they’ll totally understand.
  3. Find ITF-friendly blogs to follow so that your dash is full of The Redeemed. Frequent exposure to gifsets, fanart, and meta soothes the hurt of not having a season three (YET).
  4. You will be thinking a lot about the show and what goes on in the episodes, what different scenes mean, etc. Write meta about it. If you don’t like writing meta, go ask meta-friendly blogs what they think so that they will write the meta for you. (ha, smart laziness.)
  5. Reblog all of the things.
  6. You will reach a point where you can’t remember if you’ve reblogged the thing or not; reblog it just in case.
  7. Even if you know you’ve already reblogged it, reblog it again for good measure.
  8. Listen to the Voices of the Redeemed podcast.

You may have to repeat some or all of the steps multiple times for maximum effect but just know that that’s okay. We’re all for you. <3


Anonymous asked: hello! I'm a very new in the flesh fan, and I love reading all your analysis' and I loved your 'novel' about all that you love about kieren and simon, but in that you didn't talk at all about the part where kieren calls simon out for leading amy on and simon saying 'i don't lead people on' personally i really liked that scene but i was wondering what you thought about it?

Oh my GOSH how could I forget that scene!!

I did write a bit about that earlier this month here, specifically the “I don’t lead people on” aspect. I swear I need to make a meta master list before it gets out of hand and I can never find anything.

I’ll go back and add in some thoughts about this to my love novel, because you’re 100% right, it needs to be included.


Anonymous asked: Oh no, people stumbling over their words in the midst of overwhelming arousal, I'm done for! *floats off the earth* Goodbye sexy world, goodbyyyyyeeeee

oh noooo 


Anonymous asked: Umm, I'm sorry if I am ignorant, but I really want to understand this. Simon basically says he thouht life purposeless and meaningless since he could think. Children are quite able to think - say, 5 or 6 years old are capable of expressing adult-like thoughts in specific circumstances, and there are 11 yrs olds reading Dostoevsky. But I can't imagine a child - say 11 - that is already depressed /so much/? And Simon didn't mention any reason - so not a trauma. He may be a drama queen, but?

It’s okay to not know stuff, and it’s really great that you’re willing to ask to learn more, so no worries!

Depression is actually something which can affect younger children than even 5 or 6 years old- in fact, there are even sometimes signs before 3 years of age.

The thing is, there is a difference between depression and being upset/traumatized, and Simon very clearly tells us that what affected him in his first life was depression. He tells us he felt this way - like every nerve ending was exposed, like everyone was waiting to die, like waiting for the darkness to get him - because it was the way he was wired. There isn’t an outside reason, no catalyst in his life needed to cause this. Depression is something produced by one’s own body and it’s something scientists/psychologists still do not understand well enough to actually stop. Some people can be helped by certain medications, which work by balancing chemicals in the brain. But there doesn’t need to be anything traumatic in Simon’s life to have started his depression. It’s completely within the realm of possibility that he lived with it since birth.

If you want to read some more about depression in children, I found you some articles that know way more than I do! [Link][Link][Link]


i drew some undead boyfriends


i drew some undead boyfriends

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